Best by March 28th…but not really 

40% of food that is produced in the United States goes to waste. This statistic is shocking and I think more people need to be aware of the concern for wasting food. There are laws implemented for ‘sell by’ dates with arbitrary numbers. Consumers do not understand these dates and they are causing tons of food to be thrown out and dumped down the drain. Laws need to be changed and should be based on scientific evidence so that Americans will not be wasteful. These random dates and unsupported laws prohibit food from being donated to families after that random date. This needs to be changed to allow needy families to receive the help they need as far as food goes. 

This situation is in stark contrast with what was happening 80 years ago. The problem of wasting food was almost nonexistent. In times of war, and World War II in particular, every resource was conceived, from bones to scrap metal to bacon grease. While we do not need to go to extremes to reuse every resource as if in total war, but we do need to make a concerted effort to do what we can to save food without dumping it down the drain. 


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