Money Stress

Jonathan Lansner published an article in the OC Register called, “7 Trends in Financial Stress at Workplace and Home.” I thought this article was very interesting and when on to list the trends as follows:

  1. People are worried about saving and managing money.
  2. There has been a decline in stress at work.
  3. People find the most stress from a. meeting deadlines, b. other’s health (when another person’s life depends on the worker), and c. competitiveness of the field.
  4. Public safety workers, entertainers, and educational employees were the most stressed.
  5. When people are “financially distressed,” physical and mental health goes down. People have more anxiety and depression.
  6. Stress over money is a significant factor over broken relationships.
  7. Money stress won’t end: most people found that the economy was what was causing them the most stress.


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I thought this article was very interesting, and after reading it I posed some questions: How can people decrease their stress over money? Does spending more time with loved ones affect their concerns for income? How do these trends change when evaluated for people with different cultural backgrounds?


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