Celebrity Activism


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Ginia Bellafante wrote an article titled, “Shia LaBeouf and the Pitfalls of Celebrity Activism” for the New York Times. In this source, she argues that “Celebrities are lightning rods in a literal sense. The real work of combating bigotry is handled not by groovy street theatrics but by the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people who march and protest and call their legislators.” I think that this is a very good point. Many celebrity figures make moving speeches and act as, what they perceive themselves to be, a representative of ordinary people. However, most of the time the famous people don’t actually do anything the support their own cause. The classic “talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk” sort of thing. I dug deeper and found another article that talked about how social media has been a good outlet for celebrities to drive people to their cause. While they may say and post images on Twitter or Instagram, the public still waits for how they are going to practice what they preach.  


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