In Allan Fallow’s article titled, “Spelling’s not for eveyrone, Mr. Precedent,” he comments on different typos that the president has tweeted out and mistakes that other high officials and representatives of our country have written. On this subject, he makes the comment,

“1) If you can’t figure out the proper arrangement of 26 little letters, what does that say about your larger enterprise?

2) When you find yourself saddled with a slap-dash reputation, it’s time to slow down.

3) Think before you speak. And definitely before you tweet.”

This does raise some concern and definitely sends a message about the leaders of our country, and I looked up other incidents when celebrities, magazines, and authors have made undetected errors, that is, until it was published.

One piece of information I found that was very interesting had to do with a typo within NASA. Mariner 1 was a spacecraft planned on flying around Venus. In the computer code for the flight, there was a missing hyphen which cause the spacecraft to blow up seconds after launch. This is known as the most expensive hyphen in history, with NASA losing 80 million dollars.

Typos can be funny, concerning, and coslty depending on the context.



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