Zero Draft: Favorite Childhood Activities

As a kid, my siblings and I were very creative with the games we played outside. My sister and I loved riding scooters around our garden in the backyard. My mom’s cousin was staying with us and he brought his pricey shortboard with him. We took the board and propped it up on the fin using a couple of bricks to add height. We rode off it like it was a ramp for our scooters. We destroyed the face and broke the fin, and got in a lot of trouble. As a kid, we didn’t have any pets so my siblings and I would also entertain ourselves by collecting lady bugs and roly-polies. We built houses out of bricks for them and named each individually. We would be appalled to find that the next day no bugs were in the little house.


Photo ©2005 by Eldar Vagapov [CC-by-2.0]

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