Kindness and Tolerance

This article, written by Jonathan Lapook, was posted during the holiday season, where many people are unable to enjoy the celebrations because they are overwhelmed with stress and anxiety that events and gatherings may bring. I thought it was very interesting and his message gave me hope. At a middle school in New York, a certain teacher emphasized strongly to her students values of tolerance, kindness, and love. The students at this middle school understood why differences needed to be accepted and respected, especially given the controversial election. A thirteen year old explained that “One of our main focuses is to accept people’s differences…To know that we’re never all going to be the same -and to be proud of our differences.” This article brightened my mood and made me happy that even young children can understand and appreciate others, despite their views. Having respect for others and their opinions is not very common in today’s egocentric society, and I’m glad that these students hold these values.



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