Finding Safe Havens

Over the break, I was introduced to an article about a teenager in Texas who committed suicide because she was being bullied about her weight. It’s a shame to see how many teen suicides there have been recently, and almost all stemming from some type of bullying. I think that there have been an increase in these numbers because these teenagers don’t have a place they can go to and feel safe-they don’t have a haven where they know they are loved and where they can trust others and feel protected. One such place for me is in music.  I go to choir practice and am uplifted by the melodies,the lyrics bring hope, and my friends there are happy. I express myself in my piano playing as well. Another is being in nature and enjoying the beauty of it. 

We need to remember that making permanent decisions is a bad way to solve a temporary problem. Hopefully more people can recognize this and know that they are still loved in this world and maybe both the problems of bullying and suicides can diminish. 

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