Gambling is bad, right?

On Monday, our class listened to a recording of our teacher interviewing his dad. It was interesting that he started by asking his father to describe the first home he could remember. The conversation bloomed from that point and branched out into smaller reminiscent stories and introduced new people that influenced his childhood. One story he shared was a time when him and his friends were playing Craps and his mother didn’t like it. She wanted to teach her son that gambling was wrong and you could only lose. She joined the game, and she ended up losing her money and the boys won. The lesson wasn’t very sound.

This reminded me of a similar experience that my grandmother had. Her and her family were on a road trip, driving through Las Vegas on a Sunday afternoon. They stopped for lunch and at the cafe, and inside there were different lottery games. Her dad wanted to teach his kids the same lesson; you only lost money when you gambled. He put in a quarter, and to his amazement-he hit the jackpot. Quarters and dimes flew out of the machine and each of the kids scrambled to collect all the money. Embarrassed and shocked, he walked out the door and waited for the family in the car.


Photo ©2011 by Zdenko Zivkovic [CC-by-2.0]


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