Personality Tests

Last Wednesday was college and career day at our school. Prior to going in the gym to talk with all the representatives of various schools and businesses, we took a personality test to see what kind of career path would suit us the best. There were six different traits that the test identified:

  1.  Conventional (organized)
  2.  Realistic (doers)
  3. Investigative (thinkers)
  4. Artistic (creators)
  5. Social (helpers) and
  6. Enterprising (persuaders).

On this test, I got three points for four of the categories and four points for the other two. I don’t really have faith in these kinds of personality tests because it seems like they always give such ambiguous and vague results. It makes me wonder how many people pursue a career path that is in agreement with their personality. Does money, schooling, or time have a greater sway on people than being happy and enjoying the workplace?

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