Halloween Costumes

I went to a halloween dance this week and I didn’t have a costume, so I last-minute decided that I’d be a lifeguard and threw on an old Jr. Guards t-shirt. I went looking for some new ideas for what to be next year and  I saw so many creative costumes and had to document them!


  1. Handsome Devil- Dress in a suit and tie, then put a red devil’s trident in the front pocket.
  2. Roll Model- Wear the latest fashion trends and be sure to do model-like hair and makeup. Attach bread rolls, or pictures of bread rolls on your shirt.
  3. Formal Apology-Wear formal clothes (Shirt and tie or a nice dress). Attach a piece of transparent tape with ‘I’m Sorry’ written on it.

Easy Costumes:

  1. Shadow-All black clothes
  2. Athlete- Wear any jersey and your done!
  3. Ghost-Throw a white sheet over your head. Cutting out eye-holes is over-rated.

Group Costumes:

  1. Salt and Pepper-One person wears all black, and the other wears all white. Attach an S and a P to your respective shirt to make it more complete!
  2. Rainbow-Get 6 friends together and each dress in one solid color of the rainbow. One person wears all red, another all orange, etc.
  3. The Sandlot- Throw on a plaid shirt, baseball cap, and a glove!

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