Do Away with Senior Year?

In class we read “Class Dismissed” an article suggesting the idea of abandoning senior year in high schools. His argument is backed by the idea that it will save money and increase growth domestic product. This idea was brought up by a member of the Utah legislature and it was not received well. The author makes many assumptions throughout the paper. He claims that senior year is not academic, many students have an idea of what they want to do career wise in their life before senior year, and that High school twenty years ago is the same as it is now. I don’t think that his argument is very valid given that he didn’t attend his own senior year and he uses a number of logical fallacies. He references pop culture and uses that as a backing to justify senior year as a lazy, nonproductive year in schooling. I disagree with this claim because I know many seniors who have taken rigorous courses, and even after they have been accepted into colleges, they continue to progress and learn because of their integrity. How would people in other states react to this proposal?

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