Waffle Iron


I picked up the cold waffle. I didn’t want the homeowners to feel bad so I tried to hide my disgust. There were about thirty limp waffles stacked on top of each other. There were only chocolate, strawberry, pumpkin, and coconut flavored waffles and there were were a variety of syrups to choose from…none of them being maple, however. I was disappointed; I was really looking forward to a normal waffle bar, but I didn’t expect this. All I wanted was a normal waffle. It didn’t taste bad, but it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. That is, until I realized that it wasn’t a waffle. It was cake-the hosts had made small individual cakes and baked them in a waffle iron! When I realized this, the desert tasted so much better! I highly suggest cake waffles 🙂


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