Jeep Pride


Photo ©2o12 by kev-shine [CC-by-2.0]

Jeep owners take pride in their cars, and I think it’s so rad. Whenever I’m at an intersection and another Jeep pulls up next to me, I feel like theirs a bond between us-he’s my jeep brother and we respect each other.

The Jeep Wave is an unwritten rule that every owner abides by-and if they don’t, they don’t really deserve to have a Jeep. The idea is that every time you pass another Wrangler, you signal to them from the top of your steering wheel. Another unwritten rule among Jeepers is that if there is an open parking spot next to another Jeep, you park there. Me and two of my friends have Jeeps and at every activity we go to together, we are always parked side by side. But the funny thing is, we were parking next to each other before we were friends; we became friends because of our cars.

But are Jeeps the only car that connects people-so much as they feel a social expectation to wave at each other? I’ve seen motorcyclists nod at each other, but do different cars feel the same way?


3 thoughts on “Jeep Pride

  1. Owners of a few other models have a connection, but I don’t think it’s anything like the “Jeep thing.” Only Harley-Davidson’s following comes close.


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