Stories without Words

In class, we were given a topic- stories that matter-and asked to create as many questions  as we could that related to that topic. One of my questions was ‘Are there other ways that stories can be told without the use of words?’ Stories have been apart of our culture since the dawn of human existence itself. But not all these stories used words-people narrate events through art and music. 

Pictures, just like words, can evoke mood, tone, setting and an entire plot line without words and as the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Ancient cave-dwellers used pictures to communicate with others and drew stories on walls. The book Hugo Cabret has more pages filled with pictures than it does with words, and the audience can still sense, if not better sense, the theme the author conveys.

Music can also have emotion and movement. Especially in the Romantic era, composers created music to build a story, to illustrate an emotion, or spark an idea. Instruments can symbolize different characters, and musicians compose the dialogue between them. 

Sometimes the best and most impactful stories don’t use words.


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