Defining Moments


Photo ©2011 by Jasperdo

A defining moment in my life was when my cousin moved away to Texas. This was especially difficult for me because she was my best friend growing up and we were very close. I knew that i would not get to see her as frequently and as often as I was used to. Our families always spent a lot of time together so it was hard for me to imagine the upcoming year without them to be around. We both have personalities that complement the other’s and we have many of the same interests.

Her leaving California was a trial for me because I did not have her to lean on anymore and I knew that it would be difficult to find another person who I could trust as much as I did her. After she left, I got through the tough times by spending more time with my sister and I developed a greater appreciation for the times that I was able to talk to her over the phone and the times that she came and visited. Even though it was extremely hard, her leaving pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to make new friends and develop relationships with more people.

I am grateful for the memories that we had and the ones we will have, and I am also grateful for the friends I made and relationships I was able to strengthen while she was away. This trial helped me grow stronger and work on and improve skills that are very beneficial to me now.


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