Life Lessons with Mom


Photo ©2011 by Nicu Buculei [CC-by-2.0]

Life Lessons I’ve learned from my mother and other influential people in my life.

  1. Give people the benefit of the doubt. More often than not, they deserve it.
  2. Never make a permanent decision to solve a temporary problem.
  3. Please, let the boy be chivalrous.
  4. Its all about progression and consistency.
  5. Quit complaining and toughen up.
  6. Self esteem is earned, not gifted.
  7. Don’t let “common-enemy intimacy” be the foundation of your relationships or trust.
  8. Left hand is king.
  9. Criticism, though it may start small, has the potential to corrupt family relationships and destroy emotional bonds.
  10. No wind favors a ship without destination.
  11. Write it down. Notes, thoughts, ‘thank you’s, etc.
  12. Time invested in a child is time well spent.

-Live Document-


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